Dr.Wallach: Where Do I Start With Colloidal Minerals?


Dr.Wallach: Where Do I Start With Colloidal Minerals?

Dr.Wallach: It is recommended starting with a mix of products that provides the full spectrum of vitamins, major minerals, trace minerals and supportive nutrients. For example, Majestic EarthMinerals and Ultimate or Tangy Tangerine. Only you can know your needs so listen to the tape "Dead Doctors don't Lie" if you haven't done so already, that will give you a starting point to work with. After this basic program has been achieved, the user may wish to add extra nutrient products from our Majestic Earth Tablets & Capsules to meet their own specific nutritional needs.

How much is enough? According to the instructions :Take one ounce of the Majestic Earth Liquid mineral product per hundred pounds of body weight, per day. If you weigh 150 pounds, for example, you should take 1 1/2 ounces of the particular Majestic Earth product per day. To help you measure that amount, the bottle cap is made to hold exactly one ounce. More can be taken if needed.
OxyBody Aloe Vera has it's own special use instructions. Due to the vital nature of the product and the hydrogen peroxide it contains, you should begin modestly, with 1/2 ounce per day and work your way up to 2 ounces per day over a months time.
Children should take our liquid products sparingly at first depending to their tolerance, and how nutritionally deficient the child might be. Recommendation is at the rate of 1/2 teaspoon per 20 pounds of body weight twice daily.

Majestic Earth Ultimate - 32 oz.-#13201 - Majestic Earth Tangy Tangerine Ultimate - 32 oz.- #13221

With today's active lifestyle virtually all of us are lacking in Vitamins, Minerals or other essential Nutrients such as Amino Acids and Essential Fatty Acids or EFA'S. With our farm and range soil and subsequently our food supply largely lacking in Minerals, it is a growing belief that Supplementation with all the known essential nutrients is essential for optimal health! Majestic Earth Ultimate is formulated to be so complete that little other supplementation is necessary.

Majestic Earth Ultimate is the most complete full spectrum, dietary supplement ever offered in liquid form. Majestic Earth Ultimate provides super high potency vitamins, amino acids, Chelated major minerals, plus all trace minerals in highly absorbable organic colloidal form. In addition, Majestic Earth Ultimate provides Antioxidants: Grape Seed Extract, Coenzyme Q10, Superoxide Dismutase, and extra Chromium and Selenium. Majestic Earth Ultimate is the perfect Liquid Mineral Supplement to replenish those Nutrients lost by stressful lifestyles, and vigorous exercise.
Ultimate Classic Item #: 13201-$44.95
Tangy Tangerine Item #: 13221-$44.95

When do I take it? You may experience the best results by taking the particular Youngevityy product just before, during or after a meal in the a.m. and/or p.m. By so doing, you benefit from the stomach's activated digestive "juices" and can more quickly absorb the colloidals you take.
The one exception is our Oxy Rich Oxy Body. This product should be taken on an empty stomach. Either first thing in the morning or last thing in the evening is best, and additional amounts can be taken at least 30 minutes before or 3 hours after a meal.

Do the products have to be refrigerated after opening? Although we recommend that you keep the liquid products under refrigeration whenever possible, the only ones that need to be kept so are our Ultimate and Plus. The other products will do quite nicely without refrigeration (although taste is often improved by keeping them cold).
Our tabulated formulations do not need refrigeration but should be kept in a cool place whenever possible. Frequently shipping liquid products during cold winter months will cause them to freeze during transit. This does not harm our formulations. Simply allow them to thaw at room temperature.

Do your products have any side effects? Is it possible to take an overdose? All of our products are made up of totally natural ingredients. They are nutritional supplements and therefore contain no medicinal properties or drugs as ingredients. The vast majority of individuals can take dietary supplements without any side effects whatsoever. However, even though our products are hypo-allergenic and contain no wheat, soy, corn or artificial ingredients, on occasion, certain people may be allergic to one or more nutrients or herbs contained in a formula. Further, if you are not accustomed to taking full spectrum dietary supplements and have a past history of sensitivities, you might wish to begin with the products slowly, building up to a recommended level over a period of time. Unlike some vitamins you might take that could accumulate to toxic levels in your body, the Youngevityy's trace minerals pose no such danger. This is one of the benefits of taking a natural unprocessed product, no fillers!
All of the minerals in our liquid organic bio-electrical trace element products are in a natural organic form that may be used by the body without the risk of building up to potentially toxic levels. Minerals such as aluminum, arsenic, lead and so forth in the natural organic form are not only beneficial to the body but actually help the body to remove potentially harmful heavy metal forms of these elements. Only the colloidal form of these are beneficial, and only found occurring naturally.
It is impossible to overdose on any Youngevityy's products. Even if you were to take 10 times the recommended amount the only side effect might likely be diarrhea for a day or so. The body will absorb what it needs and eliminate the rest. Diarrhea might occur if you reach your "bowel tolerance" this is highly unlikely.

Are the products compatible with each other? You can take one or more liquid formulations together if you want without detracting from any of the products. You may also take the liquid formulations -- especially Majestic Earth Minerals -- with any of our tablets or capsule products. Our tabulated products are specifically designed to be organic bio-electrical trace minerals such as are found in Plant Derived Minerals. The only exception would be OxyBody which should always be taken alone undiluted, on an empty stomach. All our other liquid products may be mixed with any fruit or vegetable juice of your choice.

Your products claim to be all natural. What does that mean? An all-natural product is one in which there are no synthetic or chemical additives included. Our base mineral product is 100% natural as it is harvested. Youngevityy Majestic Earth Minerals do not use any synthetic additives, because it's just not needed, why take something as pure as Majestic Earth Minerals and corrupt it? This is the common practice of a lot of "natural" products on the market, check the labels you will be surprised by what some companies are getting away with. Some companies believe that petroleum is a natural ingredient and consider paint to be colloidal.

I am taking medication, what can I expect? Generally since our products contain nothing but natural nutrients, there is no interaction with most medications. They are"Adaptagens"Which means the Majestic Earth Minerals won't interfere with any other supplemental or therapeutic program. Instead, they assist any and all diets, medication or herbs to work faster and more efficiently.

How long will it take me to actually feel a difference? Can your products improve, treat or help certain illinesses? As you might expect, this is a very difficult question to answer with any degree of accuracy. Everyone's body is so different, with varying stages of trace mineral deficiencies. Even so, it is not uncommon for first time users to begin noticing benefits with the first bottle. One of the first things people often report is an increase in energy, and many people experience a greater number of benefits as time goes on. And we have had "MD's tell people to stop taking Majestic Earth Minerals for that reason. Remember your doctor can't make that boat payment if your not sick. The medical industry is just that, an industry, based on profit and loss, take a look at the stock exchange and see how many "health" related companies are really out there. Someone has to stay very sick to support that industry.....
As far as the effect on major illnesses, the law currently states that no health claims may be made for any nutritional product. It is our philosophy that only the body can heal -- but it can do so only when its basic nutritional needs are met on a daily basis. When these nutrients are taken as directed on the bottle, the body is in a better position to regulate internal chemistry and heal itself.

What does the term colloidal mean? "Colloidal" refers to the size of the particles of a particular substance. In the case of minerals, colloidal particles are of a size that they will neither float or sink in water. Due to their small size the surface area of these minerals is greatly increased, providing a larger area upon which enzyme activity may take place thus increasing breakdown and eventual absorption. Colloids also have further electro-chemical properties that make them unique. Any form of mineral may be reduced to the colloidal size...so it is important to also ensure that the mineral source is organic, yielding a bio-electrical charge. When discussing minerals, the size of the particle, the electrical charge and the ph of the substance must all be considered (a low or acidic ph is best)

What is the guarantee? People take the Majestic EarthMinerals because they know their body needs something else. But you also have the right to feel a difference.

Our Guarantee Is This: Take 2-4 ounces of Majestic EarthMinerals daily for 30 days, if you don't feel a physical difference by that time call us at Youngevityy and let us know. Return the un-used portion for a full refund.

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Majestic Earth Minerals
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Majestic Earth
has 7 major and 65 minor Colloidal Trace Minerals which go into instant action in your body. Majestic Earth Coloidal Minerals is nature's original, unaltered, time proven formula. It's non-toxic, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal. The minerals occur in naturally varying amounts measured in milligrams, PPM (parts per million) or PPB (Parts per billion) Majestic Earth is in a natural balanced form for greatest benefit, it is 98% absorbable(colloid the smallest particle) by the body. It is the only Mineral product that is 100% safe for pregnant and nursing mothers. No sweetners no additives its just the way mother nature intended it to be.
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