Kidney Disease and Kidney Stones says Doctor Joel Wallach can be caused by a variety of infections,toxins,and nutritional excesses and deficiencies!


Excerpts from the Book " Lets Play Doctor"
Doctor Joel Wallach and Ma Lan

Kidney disease and kidney stones can be caused by a variety of infections, toxins, and nutritional excesses (i.e., hypervitaminosis D) and deficiencies (i.e., deficiencies of vitamin A selenium and zinc). Kidney disease can be secondary to cardiovascular disease or diabetes. Kidney stones, contrary to popular belief by the orthodox doctor, are caused by calcium and magnesium deficiencies which cause a depletion of calcium from your bones which is the source of the calcium found in the kidney stones.

Prevention of kidney stones may include adequate levels of supplementary calcium and magnesium (impossible to get enough from your diet especially if you are a big consumer of inorganic phosphorus-- meat and carbonated soft drinks). Excess vitamin D (suntanning, fish oil, and supplementation) concurrently with a calcium deficiency will accelerate the depletion, thus, increase the risk of stones. Check for cadmium (metallic inorganic) toxicity with hair analysis.


He also lists as possible causes for kidney dysfunction :

Toxicity of these minerals is in the "metallic inorganic form" as opposed to the Organic colloidal form. There is a big difference between the two. I hope that you find this data useful , and relevant to your situations.

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