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As I mentioned to you in the previous letter Diabetes has a deficiency factor of Chromium and Vanadium in the person afflicted with it. Dr. Steven Whiting, Eagle's in-house biochemist, has this to say about Diabetes in his tape titled, "Trace Elements in The Body": "I would suggest for you the MAJESTIC EARTHUltimates Daily multiples. I would also suggest the Sweet-Eze. Sweet- Eze should be taken initially at 3 tablets per meal. After two weeks, it should be reduced to 2 tablets per meal. You would also take Youngevityy Minerals at one to two ounces per day. You would watch the amount of refined carbohydrates in your diet. And, that would be a very good beginning to that. Also, very mild exercise has a very beneficial effect on the pancreas."

Chromium and Vanadium has been shown to help sugar probelms in some people so try at 25mcg/day in the initial stages to prevent "insulin shock" (sudden dropping of blood sugar because of a relative insulin overdose). Keep checking urine blood sugar before and after meals, as the blood sugar level drops and you can reduce your insulin one or two units per day, go up to 25mcg b.i.d., then t.i.d., etc. You will also need to deal with food allergies that cause celiac-type intestional lesions (i.e., wheat gluten, cow's milk, soya, etc) and supplement with betaine HCL and digestive enzymes at 75-200mg T.I.D before meals.

Try also zinc at 50 mg t.i.d., B-complex at 50mg t.i.d. (be sure to include niacin which is part of the GTF "glucose tolerance factor"), essential fatty acids at 5 gm t.i.d., b-12 at 100 mcg/dat, bioflavonoids including quercetin at 150 mg/day,copper at 2-3mg/day, lecithin at 2,500 mg/t.i.d and gluthione at 100mg/day.

High fiber, NO processed carbohydrates and avoid meat in the beginning stages of the therapy--the reason is that every time you eat processed carbohydrate (i.e., sugar, honey, alcohol, mashed potatoes,etc) you will loose 300% more chromium in your urine that when you consume complex carbohydrates! Herbs are useful in treating diabetes and many include licorice (Glycyrrhiza galbra), jaborandi (pilocarpusjaborandi), yarrow(Achillea Millefolium), Canadian fleabane(Erigeron canadense) and Jerusalem artichoke.

There is a product that is part of our Majestic EarthTablet and Capsule Line. It is called "Sweet-Eze". It is formulated to assist the body in the regulation of blood glucose


Ultimate Sweet Eze
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The trace minerals chromium and vanadium have been shown to help the body metabolize glucose and regulate blood sugar levels.
Also it is well documented that both the trace minerals chromium and vanadium have dynamic and positive effects on normalizing blood sugar for both hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and diabetes (high blood sugar).
Ultimate Sweet Eze is formulated to nutritionally assist the body the regulation of blood sugar levels.

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